Charis International School

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About Charis



Charis International School is the first registered international school for Tawau and the third for the East Malaysian State of Sabah, on the Island of Borneo. The school occupies 4 floors in Tawau’s new landmark, Calvary Crown; a ten-story multi-purpose building that is situated right in the heart of the town.

CIS is affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and is a registered Cambridge International Primary and Secondary School, providing the Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

CIS is a K-11 school. Charis International Kindergarten follows closely after the best of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the United Kingdoms and prepares students well for Cambridge Primary. The children at CIK are given the chance to develop in all areas of their lives. The teaching methods used help them gain the necessary confidence and language skills to think critically and find their own solutions. Apart from learning the core subjects, children at CIK also learn practical life skills, independence, persistence, creativity, patience, cooperation and a caring attitude towards others. CIK provides the children with the perfect environment to learn through exploring and acquiring knowledge through hands-on experiences. These will provide a strong foundation of learning for children that will help them in later life as the best time for children to gain these skills are in the early years.

Both CIS and CIK enrolled their first intake on Aug 25, 2014. The school has received good response from the local community and has continued to grow in student enrollment as parents are now registering the younger siblings. More outstation and international students are expected to enroll as “Charis Home” is now ready to offer “A Home Away From Home”.

The team of dedicated, qualified and experienced local and expatriate teachers from UK, America, South Africa, India, Australia and Philippines adds international flavor to the school environment and enrich the experiences provided.

CIS recently welcomed a visiting Professor Dr Debra Sim Si Mui to conduct a “Thinking About Thinking” workshop for the students and teachers. Prof Sim is presently attached to the Medical Faculty of University of Malaya and will come over periodically to train the students to develop their critical thinking skills to become independent and life-long learners. This will prepare them better for tertiary education. Other experienced educators from Singapore and elsewhere will also be invited to give their assessment and input so that the school will continue to grow in the right direction.

International education is the way to go to give our children a head start in preparing them to face the future in a world that is rapidly changing as a result of globalization and advances in the development of information and communication technology (ICT). We will also need to equip our young generation with the necessary English language skills for effective communication globally. CIS is well prepared to take our children towards this challenge with our 21st century classrooms. iPads and computers are part of the learning tools in class and in communication between students and teachers.

CIS is also actively engaging their students in activities outside of the classroom to give students a better worldview of life and society. Twelve students went on an educational tour to England October 7-22, 2015.  They will join an elite school in London to have a taste of British education. All these different avenues of learning are what will make Charis International School special and stand out as becoming a truly world class international school.


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