Charis International School

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Children who board rapidly become more self-sufficient and independent. They enjoy their time at school surrounded by their friends and classmates. The extended access to staff and facilities in School enables them to have an enriched and more complete experience of all that International School has to offer.


There are four types of boarding:

1. Full boarders: These boarders stay in boarding 24 hours 7 days a week .

2. Weekday Boarders: These boarders live in the School Monday to Friday, returning home at weekends. Weekday boarding, in many ways, is an ideal compromise, providing a structured time at school, with vastly reduced travel times and costs, and regular time at home at weekends.

They can check in on Sunday night by 9 pm or Monday morning at 7.30am. They pay the full Boarding Fees, as accommodation has been committed for the entire term.

3. Day Boarders: These boarders arrive at 7am and can leave at 7pm daily (Monday to Friday). They may also study with other boarders during the first study session which ends at 8-30pm. They have breakfast and dinner in boarding and take part in after school activities. (Day Boarders pay 70% of Boarding Fees. They do not stay in Boarding houses.)

4. Flexi-Boarding: When space permitting, pupils can stay for just one or several nights during any given week. Fees for one night inclusive of dinner and breakfast and use of all facilities is RM150 per night.


(Only Secondary students age 11 (academic Year 7) and above are eligible to apply to stay in the Charis Boarding House)

FULL BOARDING FEES - RM1600 per month

- Meals covered : Mondays to Fridays: Breakfast and Dinner , Saturdays & Sundays : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

- Meals excluded Public Holidays & School Holidays

- Some off site and specially arranged activities may be charged as extras. Towels, toiletries and books are not included.

- Parental approval is required before additional charges are applied.

- One term's notice is required in the case of withdrawal, or one term's fees will become due in lieu of notice.

- Fees are subject to annual review.

- Boarders are allowed to check in 1 week before the start of a semester and up to a week after the end of the semester.

- The Boarding Fees are invoiced termly and payable upon commencement of each term (3 terms per academic year).

-    Payment by cheque or bank draft should be made to CHARIS EDUCATION SDN. BHD.

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