Charis International School

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Prolonged Absence Policy

The curriculum is a full and balanced curriculum providing appropriate academic challenge to the student. Students are required to attend all lessons each day unless there is a genuine medical reason.

Whilst the School makes every effort to work with and support all students, in cases where a student’s health requires prolonged absence from school, the School has a responsibility to inform parents when the continuation of the academic course is no longer tenable.

All absences are recorded on the End of Year Report and the final Academic Transcript.

Absence from school (Medical)

Students missing school for medical reasons should, upon their return, make every effort to catch up with all work missed. In some cases, the school will send work home for the student to do.

Absence (Representation/Exchange Programme)

For events such as participation in tournaments or an exchange programme an initial letter seeking the school’s consent is required. Leave of absence would normally be granted by the school unless the student is behind with academic requirements. In such cases the school reserves the right to deny permission to the student to participate in the event or exchange.

Repeated short term absence

Students who accumulate repeated absences of one or two days week after week are required to produce a valid doctor’s certificate for each day of absence and to make every effort to catch up with work missed. The school will investigate such absences and hold a case conference with the parents to discuss the reasons for the absences and to establish the tenability of the student’s current academic status.

IGCSE students

Any student accumulating an absence of 5 days which are not supported by a valid medical reason and certificate will be called to a meeting with the Principal at which the student’s future at the school will be discussed.

Additional absence from school will result in the student being withdrawn from the IB / IGCSE examination and possibly CIS.

Absence of two weeks or more

Parents and guardians are required to keep the school updated concerning the student’s absence. Once the absence stretches beyond two weeks, a case conference
will be held and parents expected to attend. At this meeting a timeline for the academic work and reintegration into the class will be discussed.

Absence of five weeks to one term

The School will work closely with parents and guardians to ensure that the student is equipped and able to return to class as soon as it is possible and depending on the doctor’s advice.

However, it must be noted that it becomes increasingly difficult to reintegrate a student should an absence continue beyond five weeks. Absences of five weeks to one term or more would trigger off a full review of the student’s academic status at CIS.

This also applies to students who take unauthorised absence from school.

As a result of the academic review, the School may conclude that the student is no longer able to benefit from the education offered at CIS and require the student to either repeat the year or withdraw from CIS.

Such a decision would only be reached after full discussion with parents.

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