Charis International School

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Homework Policy


Homework is an essential part of the learning process which informs on-going teacher assessment and reporting. Research suggests that the relationship between the amount and quality of student homework and achievement is positive and statistically significant. (See Cooper, Robinson, and Patall, 2006)

Homework is defined as activities designed to be completed outside the classroom as an extension or elaboration of the work that has taken place inside the classroom. The School requires that all homework be completed by the given deadline.

Teachers assign homework on a regular basis to help students:
• Review and practice what they have learned
• Prepare for the next lesson
• Learn to use resources e.g. Internet, libraries, reference materials and texts
• Explore subjects more fully than is possible within the classroom
• Develop self-discipline, responsibility and time management skills

Teachers will assign homework tasks that have a specific purpose and which have clear instructions.

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