Charis International School

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Languages Policy


Charis International School caters for both Malaysians and students from around the world. The medium of instruction and communication is English. Language plays an important role in shaping thinking, developing understanding and communicationg with others. Students for whom English is not their first language are required to develop English proficiency to access the education on offer through a Bridging Programme followed by language support and monitoring once the students are admitted onto the full mainstream programme.

•  All lessons are conducted in English except other language lessons e.g. Bahasa Malaysia,  Chinese and Agama Islam.

•  Other languages may not be used in class. Students are expected to learn, process and express their learning and ideas
    in English

•  ESL (English as Second Language) and mainstream teachers collaborate closely to ensure effective language support for
    their students.

•  Speakers of languages other than English may draw upon their mother tongue to reinforce academic concepts and use
    dictionaries and other resources to aid their learning.

•  All teachers and staff share responsibility for their English language development and competence to make sure that the
    language policy is central to the whole school practice.

•  All students, with the exception of students in the Bridging Programme, study a second language for the following reasons:

a. We are an international school and foster international and inter-cultural understanding.
b. The study of a foreign language equips students with a range of skills in language acquisition.
c. Malaysian students must take Bahasa Malaysia.
d. All students are encouraged to take Chinese.

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