Charis International School

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Detention Policy


Detentions may be set for:

• Indiscipline in class
• Rudeness/foul language
• Continual talking/disruption in class
• Eating in class
• Failure to attend lesson
• Lateness on more than one occasion
• Shoddy work
• Lack of homework
• Incorrect uniform/untidy uniform
• Unsociable behaviour
• Leaving Canteen area in a mess/littering
• Other......

A detention is a VERY SERIOUS SANCTION and should be viewed as such. Students may not be placed in detention to do their homework unless the homework has previously been completed and is of an unacceptable standard. Before setting a detention as a sanction, the following strategies may be used. They are not listed in any sequence to be followed but staff will use whichever sanction is appropriate in the circumstances.


1. Warning/verbal intervention from member of staff
2. Note in student disciplinary record book
3. Parents / guardians advised
4. HOD may want to get involved if the problem persists and if behaviour has a negative impact on Teaching and Learning of the subject
5. Sent for counselling

Procedure for Detention

1. When a school detention is set, the detention must first be recorded in the School Detention Book which is kept in Reception. The nature of the offence should be recorded and also any sanctions/measures that must have previously been tried.
2. Once this has been recorded, a letter/email will be sent home to the students parents / guardians.

Rules for Detention Period

1. Absolute silence e.g. examination conditions.
2. NO Ipods/MP3 players/PSPs/laptops.
3. Mobiles must be switched off and placed in a box at the front of the room (along with other electronic gadgets) to be collected at the end of detention.)
4. Register to be taken/students expected to be checked off.
5. Detention takes priority over everything else including CCAs – only exception if the student is off school with a MC(medical certificate). Detention would be postponed in this instance. Failure to attend detention results in Saturday detention
6. Detentions can only be set for 1 hour in the first instance and longer for subsequent ones.
7. In detention, students MUST have a specific and appropriate task set by the teacher giving the detention. This cannot be homework. No students sit in detention without anything to do.
8. Some examples of appropriate work to be set: Essay about the offending behaviour. Letters of apology, repetition of a piece of poor work...etc.

A. After School Detentions : students stay back for a minimum 1 hour.

B. Saturday Detentions :

For very serious misconduct, a student may be placed in Saturday Detention from 8.30am to 12.30pm
Should a student be placed in a Saturday detention, a formal letter will be sent home and it will be placed on his/her school record.

Detention Book

1. The Detention Book will close on Thursday for the following Tuesday Detention and Tuesday for the following Saturday Detention.
2. Names added to the Detention Book after these deadlines will serve the next detention the following week.

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