Charis International School

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Message from the Principal


I am happy and excited that Charis International School will open up a whole new horizon for students in Tawau and all along the East Coast of Sabah. The school will be appealing to parents who wish to give their children an internationally recognized education and have them well grounded in the English language and well prepared to continue their post secondary and tertiary studies in English speaking colleges and universities worldwide.

Charis International School will be a place where young people can come together to become global citizens of the future. The school will embrace the diversity of our school community and challenge the minds of our students through practical & experiential learning doing the Cambridge Primary right up to Secondary IGCSE level. Carefully selected, qualified and experienced teachers will facilitate learning and understanding by students, not just to pass exams but to apply, create and communicate it to become independent and life-long learners.

Classrooms will be electronically equipped and ICT will be an integral part of the teaching. Classes will be kept small for more individualized attention. The co-curricular activities will not only make school life more enjoyable and rewarding but provide avenues for students to develop their interactive and social skills to be outgoing, active and responsible future global leaders.

Every child will be treated as uniquely gifted and talented individuals. We will seek to identify and nurture those gifts and talents through careful mentoring in an environment of acceptance, trust and respect for individual differences.

Conveniently situated in the centre of town, Charis International School will be within easy access to everyone and everywhere. Students and parents will appreciate the safe and secure environment as well as the modern 4-star standard facilities.

Above all else, parents can be confident that your children will be in good hands.

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