Charis International School

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School Uniform Regulations


All students must wear their school uniforms except when there is a non-uniform day.

Sports wear will be worn for PE lesson and during games and sporting events.

Charis International School students are expected to uphold high standards and maintain the spirit of excellence in every way. Wearing the school uniforms properly and having a presentable appearance is a vital part of giving the right impression.

Whether students are on campus or off, when they are in school uniforms, they are responsible to make the right statement about themselves and what we stand for in Charis.

Students are encouraged to get at least 2 sets of school uniforms and 2 sets of PE sports wear. A cap/hat is a must for all outdoor activities.

Uniform Shop : All school uniforms and sports wear can be purchased from the Uniform Shop in front of the library from Mondays - Fridays, 8.30am - 4.30pm (lunch break at 12.40 - 1.30pm). Payment is strictly via cash or cheque and no credit terms.

Hair :  All students are expected to maintain their natural hair colour and refrain from unconventional or extreme cuts or styles as determined by the school. Hair should be clean and well groomed, avoiding excessive gels.

Shoes : Appropriate closed outdoor footwear are acceptable. The school cannot accept responsibility for any injuries caused by the use of inappropriate footwear. Strictly no slippers/sandals/flats/open toe shoes.

Jewellery : Girls may wear one pair of small studs or flat earrings. Boys may not wear earrings at all.

Make up and Nail Varnish : Students may not wear make up or nail varnish in school.

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