Charis International School

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Vice Principals



Teaching Background
- 3 years teaching ESL in South Korea
- 2 years teaching ESL in China

Educational Background
- M.S. Education, Walden University
- B.S. Business Administration, University of Northwestern
- 100 Hour TEFL certification, University of Toronto

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that all children have an innate desire to learn and explore the world around them.  As educators, our duty goes beyond teaching facts and knowledge.  It is our responsibility to create a learning environment where each student can reach his or her full potential and become a life-long learner.

Teaching Background
- 3 years' teaching ESL, South Korea
- Short-term contract teaching ESL to elementary and intermediate level adults, Ecuador.

Educational Background
- CELTA (Cambridge certified ESL qualification)
- B.A. Geography, Univerity of the West of England

Teaching Philosophy
All learners are different. It is our job to identify their strengths and to establish an environment where each strength and learning style has the opportunity to thrive and develop. Critical thinking should be encouraged at every level. A good teacher should open the door to a world of questions and possibilities, guiding the students in their own individual quest for information and answers.

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