Charis International School

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Preparatory (Kindergarten) : The FOUNDATION Stage

Students aged 4 - 5 years

"In a loving and supportive environment, children begin learning the building blocks of knowledge and life." Children who are individually guided through a holistic development programme will establish their paths as independant and life-long learners.

Our Kindergarten offers a safe secure home away from home for your child. Qualified, experienced and caring teachers will provide a stimulating learning environment that engages each child at their individual level of maturity and ablility. Each child will be given the opportunity to learn to grow and develop in a climate of genuine warmth and aflection. 

This preparatory stage will provide a well-planned and resourced curriculum for your child to develop a variety of skills that are foundational for learning and living. It will also provide an interesting environment for your child to develop their love for learning and exploring for knowledge and understanding. Learning activities will be developmentally appropriate, incorporating the following :

  • Communication and language (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese)
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Art and Crafts
  • Music and Dance
  • The World we live in
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Physical Education



Primary School (Key Stage 1,2)

Each grade level has a homeroom teacher as well as a host of other specialized teachers to complete the students’ education. Communication is essential to learning. Students learn to express themselves in many ways through the use of the English language. Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin are also taught in class. The use of writing, poetry, art, music, dance and times to just be kids are some of the many forms of communication that students enjoy and grow confident in their language acquisition.


  • Year 1, 2 Students Age 5-6

This is an introduction to the English National Curriculum, developing skills, knowledge and understanding that can be built upon in Key Stage 2. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to all students and within our local context but also with an international outlook. The curriculum in Key Stage 1 builds on the learning from the Foundation Stage

Subjects offered: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Music, Art/design , ICT, Mandarin, Physical Education and Drama. Malaysian students are required to study Bahasa Malaysia in line with the Malaysian Ministry of Education requirements.


  • Year 3-6 Students age 7-10

The curriculum builds on the learning from Key Stage 1. Key Stage 2 covers a period of 4 years. Children make significant academic, personal and social development during this time. Your child will become more and more independent, grow in self confidence and show a greater awareness of the world around them. Strong work ethics is being built into them. They will also grow in their social awareness of respecting others and appreciate the contribution and efforts of others. Children will also begin to participate in academic, musical and sporting activities beyond the school environment.


In Secondary School, students begin to take ownership.

As students transite into a new phase of education and life. It is here that they begin to be independent and self-aware. They start to analyze themselves - who they are, how do they fit in, and what they what to be.


To meet these changing needs and to prepare students for higher education, we have cultivated a broad and balanced range of subjects and life skills that give students the opportunity to develop in relevant areas.


  • Year 7 to 9 Students aged 11 to 14

Pupils follow a general curriculum that allows them to experience a wide range of subjects before they make choices.. Year 9 is the introductory year for IGCSE. Science is taught separated into the three parent disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Curriculum Subjects:

• Mathematics 

• Science (taught separately as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from year 9 onwards)

• English (Language and Literature), English Language Support(as required) 

• Languages (Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin)

• Humanities (History, Geography)

• Information Communication Technology (ICT)

• Creative Arts (Art, Design Technology) Performing Arts (Music, Drama)

• Physical Education (including Sports and Dance) 

• Personal, Social and Health Education (including Moral Education, religious studies)



  • Year 10 to Year 11 Students aged 14 to 16

The final two years of the Junior Curriculum cover the IGCSE courses. Normally students take IGCSEs in the five core subjects and choose an additional two to four, making seven to nine in total. The compulsory core of English, Mathematics, Science and at least one other language is designed to ensure that all IGCSE students at Charis International follow a broad and balanced curriculum in Years 10 and 11. Students are advised to maintain breadth, by choosing a wide variety of subjects when making the final four selections. The other choices should be based on their interests, ability and, if they already have a clear career plan, their future study and career.

Core subjects:

• English (Language and Literature)
• Mathematics and Additional Mathematics
• Combined Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
• Acounting, Business Studies


Other subjects / co-curricular activities offered:

• Information and Communication Technology
• Art & Design
• Music & Drama
• Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia
• Computer Science

*All Malaysian students have to take Bahasa Kebangsaan, Malaysian History and Islamic Studies (For Muslim students only) / Moral Studies

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