Charis International School

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Pastoral Care


In line with Charis International School's vision “ Nurturing Holistic Growth & Development “ to be a school for Excellence and Holistic Nurture to Groom DynamicGlobal Citizens; we take pride in providing quality pastoral care for all our students.

Teachers will look after the total wellfare of each child; treating each as unique individuals with different needs, aspirations and talents. Our goals are to ensure their happiness and wholesome development so that they will discover who they are and develop positive self-esteem and confidence to realize their potentials and face the challenges on their way to success.

Every member of the teaching staff will be trained and prepared to act as personal tutors and counselors to a small number of students. The students will have access to their tutors and will meet with their tutors regularly in a family oriented setting where students are loved and cared for as members of the Charis Family. The tutors will monitor students' progress, provide encouragement and counsel as well as guidance to resolve any problems that come their way

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