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World Speech Day 世界演讲日


Tawau made history and made Malaysia proud for organizing the World Speech Day, together with other countries around the world on 15th March 2016. Tawau is the only place in the whole of Malaysia that organized this event. 
After 19 speeches were presented, the Organizing Chairperson, Lee Chye Ewe, announced that Tawau has just made history, the audience screamed in delight! It is the first time ever that World Speech Day is held in Malaysia and Tawau is honoured to host it. 
The World Speech Day is held through out the world to offer opportunities for anyone to speak on the theme 'For a Better World'. There were 8 adults and 11 students who took the stage to present their views on issues regarding environment, economy, language, gender inequality, relationship and positive thinking. The youngest speaker is 10 years old while the most senior speaker is 75 years old. All the speakers received thunderous applause from the audience present.
It was an eye opening for the 400 plus audience at the Charis International School auditorium. Each speaker was given 3 to 5 minutes to speak. All the speakers were told to skip any salutations or greetings and thus making use of the whole time allocated for their speeches. That allowed the audience to listen to 19 speeches in one go and in various languages.
This was probably the first time in history that so many speeches were presented within a 2 1/2 hour period without a competition! 
The whole event was also streamed live through a mobile application from Singapore as the event's media partner. Thus enable interested people around the world to watch the whole event using their mobile devices. 
The World Speech Day Malaysia held in Tawau sends a strong message that in order to have a better world we must not point fingers at others but to start from ourselves, with our positive thinking, kind words and courageous actions! 
During his closing remarks, Mr Lee shared how he took up the challenge to organize the event in only 15 days. However with Charis International School and its Gavel Club's willingness to work together and the Member of Parliament forTawau Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching generously sponsored the event, it was gearing its way to a great success. And a great success it turned out to be. All the speakers and audience took the event positively.
Mr Lee also thanked everyone for their support which helped to make Tawau leading the way in voicing their views for a better world during the World Speech Day!
The response to the first World Speech Day was so overwhelming that many have requested it to be held again next year. Some even wanted to sign up as speakers right away. In response to that Charis International School has agreed to host the event again next year and even prepared to make it an annual event. 
Mr Lee has also accepted the request to be the Organizing Chairperson once again and he was later informed by Datuk Mary Yap that she would again sponsor the event!


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