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9 New Teachers to Further Strengthen the Academic Team


Charis International School has been steadily growing in strength within the short two years of her existence. Thanks to the cooperation of staff and the Board of Governors, the school was able to settle within a very short time. With the clear vision and direction of the board regarding how the school should go and to establish a 21st century class room that is conducive for present day learning, the school quickly made advances by getting the right staff to pass on their area of expertise and dealing with specific issues.

Two vice principals, one for primary and one for secondary school were appointed at the last school semester to assist the Principal Madam Yvonne Ching in the running of the school. The two vice principals are Mr. Brian King from USA who has just completed his Masters in Education and Mr.Robert Hurley from UK, who comes with their experiences both as students and as teachers, have been able to help bring the school to another level in terms of discipline and academic performance of the students. In their own words, they said that the school has really moved on within such a short time since they came to Tawau and is moving in the right direction to be more established to be a good school with all the facilities that we have. They are really happy to be able to stay to help build this school since it is a new school. 

Charis has recruited nine new teachers to further strengthen the academic team for this new academic year starting 1 Sept 2016. This has resulted in Charis having a total teaching staff and Admin staff force of 28 out of a student population of less than a hundred at this moment. This number does not include other supporting staff serving in the kitchen and doing maintenance and cleaning jobs. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this low student to staff ratio to enable more personal attention to the needs and development of the students. With the additional staff, Charis will be looking into providing enrichment classes for students who are weak in certain subjects. 


As announced earlier, Mr. Andrew Mc Callister  who will be in charge of Digital study and development of the school has arrived with his family. He was one of the pioneers of Matrix Global International School in Seremban. He will teach science and work towards offering Computer Science in Charis in the near future. 

Other new teachers are Mr. Peter Chin who is a veteran Maths and Physics teacher who graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Education from University of Malaya. He will teach Advanced Math to Yr 10 and 11 students.

Miss Angela Yap Wan Chi has a Bachelor of Special Education degree holder from Science University Malaysia, Angela majored in teaching children with Learning Disabilities. She will engage these students and design lessons that will enable them to follow better.


Mohd Asri Bin Nordin  Holds a Bachelor of Education in TESL (Teaching of English as a Second Language) from Putra University, Malaysia. Asri will teach History and Social Science and has spent the past 2 months preparing our own special  curriculum encompassing Malaysian, World History and biographies of well-known inventors and famous people to make the subject interesting and motivational to students.

Nur Sakinah Md Soib Graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours majoring in Mathematics. She will teach Mathematics with passion as it has always been her favourite subject.

Paisal Bin Salman , A Sports Science with Honours graduate, he will bring  a new dimension to the teaching of Physical Education with his knowledge of human physiology and anatomy  as well as prescription of appropriate exercises and nutrition for good physical health.

Tan Lee Cheng,  A veteran and much sought after Bahasa teacher and currently a private tuition teacher, Madam Tan will come back to teach secondary Bahasa to prepare students well for the IGCSE.

Chong Syn Yi Holds a First Class Honours degree in Biomedical Science (Genetic Science) from University of  Sunderland, United Kingdom. She is currently with Seven Adventist Hospital in Penang and will join Charis in Jan 2017 to teach Math and Science as she is confident that her calling is to be a teacher and she wants to come back to Tawau to serve the community.

Another new development for Charis is the opening of the boarding facility. Since the start of Charis two years ago, there were request from students of parents from Lahad Datu to open up boarding facilities to enable their children to study in Charis. Charis is now able to take in a limited number of students with the newly established home for out station students from Lahad Datu, Kunak and Semporna. The home is just a three minutes walk to the school. More rooms will be opened up to take in more students as the demand requires! The single and double rooms are all air conditioned and food and laundry services are provided. This will help many parents from Lahad Datu who have sent their children to private schools or international schools in KK as they can easily arrange to have their children home for the weekends and come back for school either Sunday night or Monday morning. Limited places are still available for such service on a first come first serve basis.

Member of the staff will be there to answer questions and provide consultation for parents deciding to send their children to CIS. The new academic year will start in Sept. Primary six Students can join in Year 7 immediately after sitting for their UPSR exam. For appointments and enquires, please call 748830 or 0172178830 for Yvonne Ching/ Nympha Law. 



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